Sigrid Tasies: Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Writer

Sigrid is the raw, fearlessly authentic and playful yogi you wish had been your mentor during your toughest times.

On social media, she shares wisdom and vulnerability as if she’s lived a thousand lifetimes, yet she spontaneously makes light of her self-improvement process, reminding us all to just enjoy this ride.

Here, Sigrid tells us how yoga shows her who she is being off the mat, and shares her greatest lessons in unconditional love (fuck it’s good), becoming her own best friend, finally embracing her femininity, and walking her talk.

Life Lessons From The Yoga Mat

I love how the practice of asana can show you so much about the practice of life. So many lessons have presented themselves to me on the mat – lessons of compassion, patience, perseverance, humility, gentleness, kindness, presence, discipline, strength… 

In tough times, all the parts of me that are probably contributing to life feeling tough are exposed while I practice. The procrastination, the laziness, the hiding or running away… It’s amazing how yoga brings it all up so that I’m forced to face it. All the limiting thoughts and unhealthy patterns are revealed to me in my practice.

Vulnerability Sigrid

The Courage To Be Truthful

Throughout my life courage has meant being brave enough to stand in my truth. And I think of courage as the ability to put aside fear and insecurities in order to remain in truth.

But this past year, one of my core values has been vulnerability, which has meant that courage had to take on a bigger role.

Once I decided to make an effort to balance my inclination toward to the masculine and stand in my feminine strength, it required more courage than I would have ever realised.

The feminine energy is loving, nourishing, sensitive, creative, sexual, understanding, accepting. I had all these things within myself, but I also had a big sense of fear, shame and guilt attached to most of them.

From 2017, COURAGE has meant standing in my most loving, sensitive, vulnerable and REAL state – despite the fear. Choosing love over and over again, no matter how frightening that might be.

Self-Talk Mastery

The negative self-talk that I have mastered recently is related to not being safe to be myself. One of my limiting core beliefs was that if I am truly myself, I won’t be loved.

I feared being too different. A lot of people tend to get triggered by those who are unapologetically themselves, and I have definitely experienced these external projections many times throughout my life. But I realised that I was my main bully. I had been playing small my whole life, just so that others could feel safe around me. And down deep I didn’t feel safe around me, because I feared being powerful and therefore not being loved. Such a silly loop.

There is nothing honorable about playing small – it is actually a great disservice to oneself and to humanity. So I have been working a lot on detaching from those negative patterns and behaviours and encouraging myself daily, to be myself. However that looks.

Vulnerability Sigrid

Lessons From Conditional Love

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to do with true unconditional love. I realised that I was holding a space of unconditional love towards the Earth, animals and the human race, but as soon as a person was close enough to me to trigger my wounds, love became something similar to a business exchange. Here’s an example of how it used to go:

“I will love you but I want you to love me back in exchange, and here’s an invisible list of things that you will need to do in order to make me feel loved. However, I won’t share this list of things with you because I won’t even be aware of that list myself, so rather I will get hurt and go into my wound and trauma space every time you don’t love me in the way I want you to love me. When that happens, I will most likely retract my love from you because I will subconsciously be telling myself that you are not loving me as much as I love you and therefore I am not safe to love you.”

Unconditional Self-Love

The lesson behind this has been that true unconditional love can only happen when we truly, unconditionally and constantly love ourselves. When self-love is deeply ingrained within, we can hold a space of unconditional love toward others, despite what their actions are toward us. We are no longer hurting when we have our own back.

So every time we feel hurt by another, we are being invited to heal.

Every time we feel rejected by another, we are being invited to choose ourselves.

Every time we feel ignored by another, we are being invited to dedicate more time to ourselves.

It all comes back to the self. Self, unconditional, true love.

“Having integrity with my followers means showing up as vulnerably and real as it gets. I don’t want people to idealise me and think I am somehow better than them. 

Instagram & Being The Example

Having people follow me and admire me on Instagram is both humbling and encouraging. Sometimes it gives me a little push to continue to share and show up and it always reminds me why I do it.

Exposing your feelings on social media can bring up a bit of fear sometimes, but if any of the things I go through and learn can help someone out there, then it needs to be shared.

To me, having integrity with my followers means showing up as vulnerably and real as it gets. I don’t want people to idealise me and think I am somehow better than them. I don’t use social media to get validation or recognition from others but rather because I really think we need to wake up and take action towards things that really need change – and we are in this together.

If I don’t walk my talk, I can’t ask anybody to do so. We must lead by example.

Becoming Her Own Best Friend

I have become my own best friend through committing to self-love. I cultivate love within, daily, through deepening my self awareness and dedicating time to create intimacy within.

Being my own best friend means that I always have my back. I am kind and compassionate with myself and make time for myself. I ask myself questions that I answer with honesty.

I am learning to love all the parts of myself that I didn’t think were strong of me: My insecurities, my sadness, my fears, some of my desires… As I mentioned before, I used to struggle being in my feminine. I am learning to accept my sensitive and emotional nature and be ok with whatever emotions come up, without identifying myself with them.

Vulnerability Sigrid

In Times Of Darkness

In times of darkness I see a lot of procrastination coming up and I tend to want to avoid meditation and yoga, which are of course two of the things that help me the most to get out of those dark periods.

Luckily I somehow always find the way back to my heart and into the practices that help me to stay balanced and centered.

I am fearlessly committed to growth and I enjoy my own company a lot, so even when it gets challenging and hard I sit with it and try to dive deep to find the truth behind the struggle.

However, this hasn’t been always my reality. I suffered from anxiety in my late teens and that forced me to learn to be with myself, which is something I was terrified of.

Vulnerability Sigrid

Embracing Femininity As Strength

When I was younger I thought of the feminine as delicate, weak, dramatic and  even manipulative. I really think I had no idea of the feminine and masculine forces within at the time, so I don’t really know if I ever stopped to think about that in depth, but that’s how I felt about most women, and I felt very distant from that.

Now that I have experienced and understood what it means to be a woman, I see a queen; a mother; a creator; a warrior for love; a peacemaker and a fearless goddess. After years of dissociation from the feminine I finally feel fully safe and truthful as I embrace and embody the divine feminine within.

Choosing to remain in love no matter how scary or painful that can be at times, and choosing to stand in vulnerability for the sake of humanity, that’s in my opinion what choosing the divine feminine means. That’s our true strength.

Acts Of Self-Love

My acts of self-love are various, but constant in my daily practice. From having a clean, plant-based delicious diet, exercising and meditating daily, to journalling about my feelings and gratitude for my life and for my body, dates with myself; love letters to myself, embracing my inner girl; honouring my heart’s desires… There are so many. I guess it doesn’t matter what you do but that you do it. Choosing to express my feelings with vulnerability instead of allowing fear to stop me is the biggest act of self love I do.