I am here to support courageous women who are ready to embody their worth and shake up how they’re showing up in business and relationships.

How you know text

You’ve been on the precipice of greatness for too long. You want to finally get clear on your vision and make it your reality

You want to align your daily habits and long-arc goals with a woman who embodies worthiness

You want to communicate powerfully for strong and fruitful business and personal relationships

what you can expect

I take you through an 11-week, one-on-one programme starting with processes to get you crystal clear on your vision. We define a detailed 3-month vision that feels exciting, expansive and true to your soul. We map each step to easefully embody a new way of being and bring forth the tangible new reality.

how we work together

We bring to light all the ways you’ve subconsciously operated from ‘unworthiness’ and disowned your greatness. We explore behavioural patterns including self-sabotage, resentment, comparison, playing small, seeking validation, guilt and shame. This can be a liberating process.

Using gentle yet effective techniques of NLP, EFT and timeline therapy, we clear the subconscious programming that’s been in your way. Each session introduces new components and exercises to build on the breakthroughs of the previous session. We continuously recalibrate behaviour until you make your vision your reality.

let's chat

For programme investment cost and questions get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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