Why Playing Small Is No Longer An Option

The stakes are too high to continue playing small.

Each day that we neglect our gifts we rob ourselves of fulfilment, of a sense of belonging and of contributing to the world. 

Individually and collectively, we are being called to reveal the many guises of fear and quit being constrained by the narratives they spin.

You and your courage is needed to rise above a global epidemic of fear.

Step Out From Behind Excuses

‘Being of service’ is something we all like the sound of.

Yet a common narrative we spin is that we don’t have time to develop and bring forth our gifts.

This excuse has worn so thin it’s surprising it is still alive.

But this is because the fear behind it is still so dominant.

The fear of being seen, the fear of being rejected, the fear of failure…

It’s time to get clear on and OWN how you can contribute to uplifting others. When you make this contribution a priority, you feel a deep sense of purpose and you create ways to step more fully into this power.

Step Out From Behind Guilt

I see it time and again: The guilt of having a privileged upbringing or lifestyle and the fear of being unworthy of it.

Guilt is simply misplaced energy.

You owe no one your smallness. Not even those whose every day reality is to merely survive.

It misses the point if you choose NOT to effect change by harnessing your privilege.

When guilt is shifted to gratitude you become resourceful and more empowered to make change.

If you make your sense of contribution about metrics, again, the point is missed.

Your contribution is not about numbers, but the limitless ripple effect of your wholehearted action.

Step Out From Behind Humility

The word ‘humility’ has long been a hiding place for smallness.

True humility is the graceful embrace of our innate belonging to the earth, of owning our power to express and create and to contribute to the whole.

As Marianne Williamson reminds us, we fear our power.

When I unpack this fear with my coaching clients we discover it is two-fold: the fear of growing and therefore outgrowing people and the fear of accepting that we’ve shunned our power for so long.

The time is NOW to change this narrative.

We are being called to create a win/win paradigm in which we all thrive. This requires a willingness to relinquish the sense of self that depends on being ‘better than’, and relinquish the story of ‘less than’ where we only stagnate.

The epidemic fear of lack has programmed us to be suspicious of anything other than US vs. THEM, GOOD vs. BAD, WIN vs. LOSE.

But a win/win paradigm IS unfolding and it is where we create fulfilment and harmony and find true belonging.

We Owe It To Ourselves & Each Other

When we give our power away to the fear of stepping up, we are only contributing to the existing destructive paradigm.

We each deserve to feel deep fulfilment in the ownership and sharing of our gifts. And we owe it to ourselves and to each other to courageousy contribute and elevate humanity.

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