How To Reconnect To Your Worthiness

We ‘know’ that by virtue of our existence we are worthy. But we are programmed to forget and disbelieve it.

Our work is to take a deep dive into our true nature (and continue to revisit that place), otherwise the layers of programming thicken, smothering our ability to remember what’s at the core of our being.

Here, I share a powerful and simple exercise that became my first major awakening and reconnecting to innate worthiness.

For me, affirmations and guided meditations on worthiness, at most, offered fleeting moments of empowerment.

Frustrated, yet believing the answer was surely within, I asked, ‘If I ‘know’ I am worthy, why does my life not reflect this?’

Out came my journal. After much pondering and exploring the idea of worthiness, I intuitively took myself through an exercise that led to some poignant realisations.

I found myself staring at the words, feeling like shards of truth had just penetrated my heart.

The exercise had laid bare my worthiness for it to be reclaimed.

Why This Exercise Is So Powerful

First, this exercise will cultivate AWARENESS.

Awareness peels back the programming layer by layer and illuminates CHOICE.

You can choose to act from worthiness even when it’s not embodied.

A belief that you have to embody worthiness in order to act from worthiness is part of the programming – it keeps worthiness separate from you and denies your power to choose.

This exercise will call your power back.

What You Need To Do

Take a journal and pen and before you write anything, bring to mind an area of life that consumes your thoughts. It could be parts of your body you fixate on, struggle with finances, a person you compare youself to, your work path, a romantic relationship etc.

Now write down the area you want to explore at the top of the page and feel into how you’ve habitually been showing up in that area, including behind closed doors.

Allow yourself to get REAL and uncomfortable.

Then, write yourself a question of enquiry, for example, ‘Why have I been doing X?’

Let the pen flow with responses, do not interrupt it or second guess it.

As you write, you’ll begin to identify all the ways you’ve acted AS IF you were unworthy in that area.

Yes – AS IF you were unworthy.

My Process

One of the questions I wrote in my journal was, ‘Why did I keep choosing that relationship?’

The answers started flowing through the pen:

‘I see that I wasn’t connected to my values when I met him. I allowed the fantasy about what ‘could be’ blind me to the continuous red flags. Something in me believed my true needs were unworthy of being met, so I denied my needs, until I lost myself.’

I felt a sadness for that version of me who’d been operating AS IF she was unworthy.

But I’d revealed the unconscious ‘I’m unworthy’ programming that was running me.

Seeing it had freed me from it. NOW I felt empowered.

Unveiling The Truth

Once you become aware of how you’ve been acting ‘as if’ you were unworthy – the illusion of unworthiness dissolves and the truth is unveiled:

We are INNATELY worthy, it’s only our connection to worthiness that changes.

Your Turn

Go ahead, write the question you’ve avoided asking yourself. Let the reflections come back through the pen.

Be brave, trust the process and you will reconnect to your innate worthiness.

If you need support in reconnecting to and operating from worthiness click HERE to learn about working with me. 

“There are no prerequisites for worthiness.”

– Brené Brown

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