The Beauty Of Just Doing You

All this time, your true self was patiently allowing you to try every other tiresome, fruitless thing first.

The beauty of just doing you means to witness all the self-instruction about who you should be. And let it go.

It means staying in your lane and up-levelling your boundary work.

It means honouring both the light AND the shadow aspects that have led you here, and having the courage to forge a path that’s never been modelled to you.

The Unburdening

What if you drop the loyalty to fear – the loyalty to those who know the smaller version of you and instead choose loyalty to your soul?

The soul knows how it wants to be expressed through you.

When the body doesn’t allow for that expression, the experience becomes ‘I just don’t feel myself’, because you’re pretending to not know the next step to take.

Betrayal of your soul is not an option for you any longer. Leave that to those who do not have the capacity to awaken to their soul in this lifetime.

You do have the capacity and it’s harnessed in the constant motion of choice.

Being On Purpose

I believe our purpose is to explore our unique expression on this earth.

And it is the most courageous thing we can do.

Forging our individual path requires a continual shedding of identities that no longer serve. It requires humility to own the things you’re proud of and the things you’d rather forget and to merge and celebrate them without labelling right or wrong.

This is where the real beauty lies: in the unshackling of ‘agreements’ about how you should present to the world so that you can f*cking amaze yourself, and in turn, give others permission to rise.

Reaching Into The Unknown

You are greater than anything your mind can conceive of.

But you need your mind – you need your higher mind to keep your lower parts of the mind in check – to parent it and lead it by example.

Sometimes the fear of stepping into your greatness is the fear of having to confront that you’ve kept yourself small for so long.

Why give your energy to what’s been? It’s about now.

Extend your reach into unknown space and be prepared to fumble around, stumbling upon unknowable challenges, yet finding unknowable magic and joy.

Part of you is willing to surrender, allowing source energy to weave and work through you, enlivening your unique expression.

Honour that part of you.

Compassion For Those Who Don’t ‘Get You’

The frequencies of knowing your worth and carving out a unique path is powerful and can intimidate people.

Having compassion means understanding that some family and friends might have a fear of becoming redundant in your life – a fear of you no longer needing them.

And the shadow aspects within them can rear when your example confronts them with the idea that they haven’t had the courage to forge their unique path.

If your example doesn’t inspire them, it might repel them. That is a choice they make.

You can have love and compassion for them AND exercise clear boundaries.

When Your Being Infuses Your Doing

This quote from the book Die Empty sums up the question ‘Is my purpose the work I do or who I am?’:

“Naturally your worth as a person transcends the value you create, but your work is the most visible expression of your priorities.” – Todd Henry

The value you create is not about how many people you reach, it’s about how much truth of your being you infuse into what you are doing.

Until you choose courage, you can never know the beauty of exploring your unique essence and the liberation that comes when you embrace the only responsibility you have – how you experience yourself.

If you need support in reconnecting to and operating from worthiness click HERE to learn about working with me. 

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

– Oscar Wilde

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