Why Healing All Our Wounds Is Not The Answer

You do not need to heal all your wounds and limiting beliefs to live in alignment. 

Doing this is beyond most people’s capacity in this lifetime.

It’s tempting to get stuck in a perpetual state of healing. But this is just another form of ‘I am not enough’.

The most vital aspect of alignment is recognising the multitude of ‘I am not enough’ voices and choosing NOT to honour them.

Instead, we must prioritise an elevated feeling state and take action from THAT place to strengthen our connection to worthiness.

Recognising The ‘I Am Not Enough’ Voices:

‘Who am I to do this?’

‘Maybe I’m not supposed to succeed at this.’

‘I don’t feel aligned today so I won’t take any action.’

‘She’s got more going for her than me.’

‘I need to wait until X before I can begin.’

‘Am I kidding myself that I’m good at this?’

‘Maybe I should do it the way she’s doing it.’

‘I don’t feel I have any value to offer people today.’

Thanking The Voices & Setting Them Aside

When you recognise the many variations of these voices, you can thank them for signposting the very paths you DO NOT want to take.

This breaks the cycle of limited ways of being and reorients you back to the source of infinite possibilities.

It’s Not Egoic To Own Your Power

It’s not egoic to own and declare your power – it is humility.

Let me explain why.

To be grateful for your existence and your gifts is to bow in humility to the power of Source energy.

Each gift you have was prescribed for your soul. You are here to express those gifts with the action you take.

Humility calls for the unapologetic embodiment of your power as an expression of Source energy – of creation.

Being grateful and humble does not mean settling, it means honouring your power to CREATE.

ACTION From The Heart

The collection of motivational quotes on your phone (I get it!) must CATALYSE you to actually DO something. 

You need to take aligned action, otherwise what’s the point?

Aligned action comes from an elevated feeling state – when you move your body and FEEL your heart.

Your heart beats unconditionally for you. It is the source of your power.

Connect to the power of your heart and take action – however small, from THAT place.

Making A Promise To Yourself

“I will thank and set aside the ‘I am not enough’ voices, I will prioritise alignment and I will BE from that place. I will CREATE from that place.”

You are only ever experiencing yourself. So why would you choose to experience anything but the true power of you?

You are whole AND you will always be healing.

You are healing AND you can always take aligned action.

You are worthy of honouring your power.

If you need support in reconnecting to and operating from worthiness click HERE to learn about working with me. 

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is uniquely your own.”

– Bruce Lee

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